Addison Holley


c. 2000 (age 14-15)
Burlington, Ontario, Canada



Years active




Addison Holley portrays Anastasia, the little vampire girl that wanted to punish Ethan and the gang for the vampire on vampire attacks. Addison Holley was born in Burlington Ontario and is thirteen years old. Her favorite food is her Grandad's pasta and she goes to school at Dr. Frank J. Haden secondary school and has a phobia of Ostriches. Her superstition is that she has to dance before she gets on stage. Her hobby is drawing and her first acting role was Molly in "Annie" but her first professional acting role was Marta in "The Sound of Music".

Notable RolesEdit

  • Dana McNab on Baxter
  • Jenny Donkers on Really Me
  • Young Rosie in Rosie Takes the Train
  • Lili on My Big, Big Friend
  • Anastasia in My Babysitter's a Vampire
  • Ella in Ella the Elephant
  • Anne in Annedroids
  • Owlette/Amaya on PJ Masks

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