Shipped Characters:

Benny and Della

Length of Relationship:

Lawn of the Dead to present


Benny likes Della, but Della is scared of him.

Start Date of Relationship:

Lawn of the Dead

Bella (Benny/Della) is the romatic pairing of Benny and Della. This pair is unlikely due to the events of Lawn of the Dead, in which Benny tries to bring Della's dog back which results in the demon inside it trying to kill her.

This ship rivals Benthan, Dory, Besse, Barah,Ronny, and Bennica.

Bella Moments

Lawn of the Dead

  • Benny used magic to get flowers to Della.
  • Della appreciated the flowers and his concern but became upset at the gesture, as her dog had died.
  • Benny used magic to bring her dog back to life.
  • Even after completely ruining his chance with her, Benny still likes her.


  • Even though he had to defeat Jesse again, Benny noticed Della and wanted to dance with her.
  • Della looked at Benny from across the dancefloor.


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