Bennys house
Benny's house and room is not a location that appears in the series or the movie too often. There are a few times in the series when we see a good part of his desk/computer location only when he's not video chatting with Ethan. In the episode Blood Drive, Benny was tracking Rory with a G.P.S device. It later showed Benny playing a video game on his computer at the same time he was tracking Rory. Later in the second season, both in Fanged and Furious, where Benny's doing research, and in Hottie Ho-Tep, when Benny's grandma drags him inside the house through the front door, there is a rare glimpse of the house's downstairs area.

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The picture above shows Benny in his room talking to Ethan via video chat. He is said to live right next door to Ethan when ordering a pizza in a few episodes and the movie. In the Movie he is telling Ethan as they drive back from the Dusk screening, that he gave the popcorn girl he kissed, his adress; 53 Orchard Park. When it shows Ethan's house you can see the number 17 in the front. Since Ethan and Benny live in the same street, Ethan's adress must be 17 Orchard Park. In Blue Moon, Sarah is over at his house, she and Benny were researching a cure David was after. After he video chats with Ethan after and runs out, we see the entirety of his room.
B's Room

(Sorry it was so grainy, it WAS on Ethan's computer screen)


  • If you look at the pictures above and below you can see some of the furniture is missing or some props are not there like the others. You might see that when ever Benny's room is shown in past episodes. It's the prop director's fault.
  • If you come across a episode where they are video chatting, pause it, and look at the screen you will see Benny's room or at least a fraction of it.
  • His backyard must share a park or grassy area with Ethan's yard. (The movie / Lawn of the Dead)
  • Benny's room

    Screen Caps. of Benny's desk/computer area in his Room. Episode: "Blood Drive"

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