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Benny, Ethan, and Sarah's reaction to Benny first getting the book.
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Benny's Spellbook is Benny's compendium of magical spells, arts and teaching of witchcraft and magic.

Back StoryEdit

It was handed down from his Grandma and possibly farther in his family tree, but we do not yet know if it was from his mother's or his father's side. Benny's Grandma had passed it on to him in the pilot film when she first informs him of his magical heritage.


Being a spellbook which has most of its content in Latin, the spells will not work right if the Spellmaster has a lack of practice and tendency to mispronounce the words or not use the language correctly. We have learned that on many occasions, thanks to Benny's many mistakes with Latin pronunciation. This is also evident when Jane had once used it to try and cast a repair spell in order to fix her broken doll, but accidentally turned it into a living being in Guys and Dolls. That was caused by her saying a different type of spell. The user can also cause their book to disappear. Benny caused that to happen the first time he used it in the movie


My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)Edit

  • Ferabat Cententium Neofetus Na- Causes the user's spell book to disappear.
  • Alnock Alpress Alnock Katran- Calls forth a bolt of lightning.

Season 1Edit

  • Subsis Thoraso Linnie Mouck Na
  • Glondo Fram Formundo Vella
  • Odda Modda Beda Naw
  • Domlaff Lupus Garganoth
  • Galga Desalvador Zacracantor Zulin Marthwap
  • Triggerus Chilliusad
  • Corvis Trigon

Season 2Edit

  • Sicantos Delstorm Rickantos Kaara
  • Permock Abnar Bennynotrath Keyvento Morchuos Abnar Bennynotrath
  • Sominom Viscathra Arboth Somnar- Knock someone unconcious
  • Zacaroth Maznacaroth
  • Technalolos Gremnar Gremnath
  • Osiris Mortus Resurrecti
  • Oblivomamnath Obliviarti Kaput
  • Lebor Halam
  • Gluthar Glothar Glipthar
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