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Besse is the romantic pairing of Benny and Jesse, there really isn't a lot on this pairing in the movie or in the series. You can just read in between the lines, like you do for Benthan, Jethan, Rothan, and Ronny. This pairing will most likely not happen, but that doesn't stop us from shipping to it.

This ship currently rivals. Benthan, Jarah, Bennica, Benarah, Jethan, Jerica, and Ronny

Additional Pairing Names

  • Besse (Benny/Jesse)
  • Jenny (Jesse/Benny)
  • Jessenny (Jesse/Benny)


It Happened: Benny's Story How It Happened: Benny's Story

the Way You Lie: What if Love the Way You Lie: What if