Canoodling is Benny's version of flirting and cuddling. It's actually funny. He tells Ethan that he should canoodle with Sarah. Sarah still doesn't completely understand what it is, but she has a pretty good idea. Ethan understands what canoodling is, but he thinks its really stupid. Everytime Benny brings it up Ethan just gives him a clueless look or in other times will get defensive. When you watch the certain episodes of MBaV listed below, canoodling is involved. Especially when Benny is in the scene...Benny says it to Ethan and Sarah because he thinks they want to sit next to each other on the couch showing that he likes them together and that he ships Etharah (Ethan and Sarah).
Ethan and Sarah



Friday Night Frights:

" I kept watching and there they were.....talking, laughing, very, very close.....intimate even. Infact, one might even say they were... canoodling..."

ethan says your a really crumy artist

Benny as he was watching Sarah and Kurt Lockner "canoodle", but Sarah was checking him to see if he was bitten by Erica.

Ethan: "Oh come on, I saw you watching him, talking, laughing....CANOODLING!"

Benny: "Mad canoodling."

Sarah: "Noodle what?"

Ethan and Benny talking to Sarah about how she "likes" Kurt Lockner during the break in his and Ethan's amature wrestling match.  

Three Geeks and a Demon:

" Oh, I get it, you guys wanna....canoodle." Benny after Sarah told Ethan she wanted to sit next to Ethan on the couch when they were about to watch "Jacuzzi Time Machine"

" What? No! Canoodleing is the absolute LAST thing on my mind!" Ethan in responce to what was just said.
IMG 0171

Benny's "image art" of Sarah and Kurt "The Hurt" Lockner


Sarah and Ethan reunite with a hug.