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Please note that these episodes are listed as they aired in the U.S. on Disney Channel. They are not listed as they aired in Canada on Teletoon or Télétoon (French).

S1E1: Lawn of the Dead
S1E2: Three Cheers for Evil
S1E3: Blood Drive
S1E4: Guys and Dolls
S1E5: Double Negative
S1E6: Friday Night Frights
S1E7: Smells Like Trouble
S1E8: Die Pod
S1E9: Blue Moon
S1E10: Doug the Vampire Hunter
S1E11: The Brewed
S1E12: Three Geeks and a Demon
S1E13: ReVamped

S2E01: Welcome Back Dusker
S2E02: Say You'll Be Maztak
S2E03: Fanged and Furious
S2E04: Flushed
S2E05: Mirror/rorriM
S2E06: Village of the Darned
S2E07: Hottie Ho-Tep
S2E08: Independence Daze
S2E09: Siren Song
S2E10: Jockenstein
S2E11: Halloweird
S2E12-13 The Date to End All Dates

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