The Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are a group of widely-considered pretty girls who encourage school spirit and their teams to win. The squad under Stephanie traveled as a group and spent much of their time together.

In Three Cheers For Evil Erica joined the Cheerleading club, eager for revenge against Stephanie (not knowing of her supernatural powers). Benny and Ethan later joined disguised as Betty and Veronica, worried of Erica's of intentions, in which they discovered Stephanie's secret idendity, and defeated her, returning her back to her normal age.



  • Stephanie (formerly)
  • Sarah (formerly)
  • Erica (formerly)
  • Ethan (in disguise as Veronica, formerly)
  • Benny (in disguise as Betty, formerly)
  • Grandma (formerly)
  • Clone cheerleader 1#
  • Clone cheerleader 2#


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