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David Stachowski
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Full Name

David Stachowski



Date of Birth

c. 1994 (age 19) in mortal years and (26) in dog years

Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color



Benny Weir
Ethan Morgan


Whitechapel High School


Whitechapel Football Team

First Episode

Blue Moon

Last Episode

Blue Moon

Portrayed By

Jake Epstein

David Stachowski is a weredog from the episode Blue Moon.

David declares himself Ethan and Benny's new best friend, a fact Benny finds particularly encouraging as David is popular and captain of every sports team. Ethan suspects that David is a werewolf because of his canine characteristics, including a copious amount of hair, howling, and extreme appetite. Erica develops an enormous crush on David, though he considers himself quite the ladies' man. David reveals that he only became friends with Ethan and Benny to use Ethan's visions to find a cure for his lycanthropy. However, at the party thrown by Rory at Ethan's house, Sarah uses the cure to save Ethan, and David is discovered to only turn into a harmless dog, rather than a vicious werewolf. It's a possibility that David actually did use to be a werewolf and the spell that Benny cast on David turned him into a weredog instead. David is played by Jake Epstein.

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