Debbie Dazzle
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Jane Morgan (doll owner)
Jane Morgan
Rory (formerly)
Love interests:
Dazzle Dan
Rory (formerly)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Guys and Dolls
Portrayed by:
Georgina Reilly
Debbie Dazzle is Jane's magical doll who she brought to life when she overheard Benny talking about a spell that is told to fix anything. She is the main antagonist of the episode Guys & Dolls


She loves cupcakes, ice cream, disco dance parties and make overs. Debbie didn't like being a doll. She claimed it was boring and she wanted to have fun. After she was locked in a room by Ethan she met Rory and practically used him just to have fun. They broke up because she was tearing apart. In order to stay alive, she sucks energy out of humans, thus turning them into dolls.


  • Debbie Dazzle may resemble that of a doll version of the pop singer Katy Perry, whose famous album,Teenage Dream, had been candy-themed. She also wore blue wigs on several occasions, such as Debbie Dazzle's unique blue hair. Debbie Dazzle may also be a reference to the sweets company Little Debbie.

Photo Gallery

For the Debbie Dazzle gallery, go here.

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