Shipped Characters

Rory and Della

Length of Relationship

5 minutes (when Della doesn't show an interest in Rory he doesn't seem to have any interest in her anymore)



Start Date of Relationship

ReVamped (Possibly)

Dory (Della/Rory) is the pairing of Della and Rory.

This pairing will not happen since Della hasn't been shown in the show since the Season 1 finale. And Rory's 'ladies man' rep.

This ship currently rivals Bella, Ronny, Rothan, Rorica, and Rarah.

Dory MomentsEdit


  • Rory asked her to dance.
  • Della said "Nice suit" to Rory), and then smiled before walking away.


Rory happy happy
Vamp rory

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