Evelyn Weir
Gender: Female
Age: 70s
Hometown: Whitechapel
Professional Information
  Earth priestess
Friends and Family
Husband (Smells Like Trouble)
Ethan Morgan, Sarah, Jane Morgan, Rory
Stephanie (formerly)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)
Portrayed by:
Joan Gregson

Evelyn "Grandma" Weir, is a powerful Earth priestess (a witch-like magical practitioner on the side of good). She reveals her powers to Sarah, Jane, Ethan and Benny and tells them that Benny was a Spellmaster and Ethan was a Seer (a person with the ability to see the future).  Evelyn has been there to give advice and aid them in the gang's adventures. She drives a red-and-white 1956 Chevrolet in like-new condition.

In Independence Daze her name is revealed to be Evelyn, however viewers may have noticed that in Three Cheers for Evil when Benny and Ethan come across a photograph of her with former cheerleaders in the old yearbook, a different name is printed under the photograph.


The image gallery for Evelyn Weir may be viewed here .



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