Farid Yazdani




5' 11"


One of the Egytian Guards

Farid Yazdani is a canadian actor.He played one of the Egytian Guards in the episode Hottie Ho-Tep.


Farid Yazdani was born in Hamilton, Ontario. The son of Cyrus Yazdani, an Iranian Entrepreneur and Annesia Khan, a Trinidadian Educator. In 2004 he attended Cawthra Park S.S in the Regional Arts Program; majoring in the Dramatic Arts. After graduating in 2008, he took a year off to pursue a career in acting. After doing numerous short/feature films such as the Remi Award Winning "I Do. Do I?" he decided to take up further training. He attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts in 2009 where he trained with Canadian Actors; John Bourgeois, Sheila McCarthy, Allan Guttman, Maria Ricossa, Christina Collins and Michael Caruana. During this time he continued to work, landing a Lead role in the play "Paul & Priya's Wedding. Before graduating in 2011 he signed with ETM and booked a Principal role on "My Babysitter's a Vampire" a few months after. He is working and residing in Toronto, Ontario.


  • Farid Yazdani is a Graduate from Cawthra Parks Regional Arts Program.
  • Farid Yazdani has trained with the likes of John Bourgeois, Sheila McCarthy, Allan Guttman, Maria Ricossa and Christina Collins.
  • Farid Yazdani is also trained in Singing and Dancing.

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