General Information
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Started Dating My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie
Dating Status Broken up

Gorica (Gord/Erica) is the romantic pairing of Gord and Erica. Erica was bitten by Gord, turning her into a fledgling. This couple is highly unlikely, since Gord was vanquished by Ethan, Benny, and Sarah.  

This ship rivals, Jerica, Bennica, Sarica, Rorica, and Erik.

Gorica Moments

My Babysitters a Vampire (film)

  • Gord said that he might see Erica at the screening, which made her blush.
  • On her way to Ethan's house for her babysitting job, Gord greets her.
  • Gord invites Erica to Jesse's party and she accepts.
  • She also says that Gord is cute, which makes Gord happy.
  • At the vampire party, Gord has his arm around Erica while at the punch bowl with her.
  • Gord holds Erica's hand while taking her into a room to bite her.
  • While coming out of the room, Gord is still holding her hand and it is implied that he has bitten Erica on the neck, turning her into a fledgling.
  • Gord was going to attack Sarah for attacking Erica, so he told her to let Erica go.
  • Gord hangs out with her despite the fact that she is not popular.

    Erica and Gord in "My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie"

    Moments after Erica was bitten

    Moments after Erica was bitten by Gord