Hannah Price
Full Name

Hannah Price



Resides in



Student at Whitechapel High School

Eye Color


Hair Color



Boyfriend (Unknown)


Ethan Morgan


Whitechapel High School

First Episode

Double Negative

Portrayed By

Kiana Madeira

Hannah Price is the head and photographer of the yearbook committee at Whitechapel High School.


She's a very pleasant girl, very sweet and extremely friendly, complimenting nearly everyone she speaks to. This is contrasted starkly by her evil twin, created through the evil double camera, purchased from Benny, who stole it from his grandmother's basement, for ten dollars at a yard sale. The twin is very rude and insults everyone, even making students cry and threatening their lives. The real Hannah uses her knowledge of photography to instruct Ethan in destroying the negatives of the evil twin photos.

Ethan is confused by her sweet nature, assuming, with input from Sarah, that Hannah has a crush on him. He asks her to a movie, but she mentions that her boyfriend loves them, leaving Ethan as confused about girls as ever.

Evil Hannah cuts a girl called Kelly's hair and puts glue in a teachers pair of shoes. Then later throws something at Rory's head, then he doesn't appear for the rest of the episode.


  • She is shown to be on Erica's list.
  • She appears to have a boyfriend.
  • She is also on Benny's list.
  • Evil Hannah seems to like Evil Benny.
  • She and Erica appear to be frenemies.
  • She doesn't appear to have any real enemies besides Erica.

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