1. Jane Morgan
    Full Name

    Jane Morgan



    Date of Birth

    c. 2000-2001 (age 9 and-a-half)

    Resides in

    17 Orchard Park Whitechapel, Ontario Canada



    Eye Color


    Hair Color

    Dirty blonde


    Unnamed (great-great-grandfather)
    Samantha Morgan (mother)
    Ross Morgan (father)
    Ethan Morgan (brother)


    Benny Weir

    First Episode

    My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)

    Portrayed By

    Ella Jonas Farlinger

    Jane Morgan is Ethan Morgans younger yet clever eight-year-old sister in season 1, and in season 2, she is nine-and-a-half; she will probably become ten later in season 2, however, it's not proven yet.


    Jane has her own strange view of the world around her. She was the one who needed a babysitter in the first place. She also has a history of blackmailing Ethan, Benny, Sarah,And Rory

    around season 2 Ep7 She Changes Evil For Half The episode

    Jane is the only one who knows that her brother, Ethan, is a Seer, that Sarah, Erica and Rory are vampires, that Benny is a Spellmaster and that his Grandma is an Earth Priestess. She is also a Spellmaster herself.


    Jane apparently has some sort of magical ability. The first hint can be seen in the pilot film, where she chanted a spell with Benny's Grandma to defeat Jesse, causing a large flicker of powerful lightning to strike him. In Guys and Dolls, Jane used the fix-it spell from Benny's spellbook to fix her favorite doll, Debbie Dazzle, but pronounced it wrong and accidentally turned Debbie into a real person, whom sucked the life-forces of others to remain thriving and alive. Though she enjoyed her doll's company, Benny, Sarah and Ethan agreed to make a beach party in their house in exchange for her to reverse the spell. In Say You'll be Maztak, Jane seemed familiar with the power of Moonstones, although it is possible she knew this because she noticed Ethan buying them online.


    Season OneEdit

    Season TwoEdit

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