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Jethan is the romantic pairing between Jesse and Ethan. Although there isn't much on the pairing in the show or movie you can simply read between the lines the way you can for Bethan and Rothan. Perhaps Jesse likes Ethan and not Sarah? While Jethan is a very unlkely pairing, it deserves it's own spotlight like Bethan and Rothan. They don't seem to like each other that much, although towards the end of Season Two, Jesse comes back to help Ethan with Vice Principal Stern and the Lucifractor. They may have a small friendship.

This pairing currently rivals Benthan, Rothan, Jarah, Etharah, Ethica, Jerica, and Besse

Additional Pairing NamesEdit

  • Jethan (Jesse/Ethan)
  • Ethesse (Ethan/Jesse)
  • E-Jesse (Ethan/Jesse)
  • Jesseethan (Jesse/Ethan)

Jethan Moments. ReVampedEdit

Jesse bites Ethan

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