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Lotta Lotte Coffee cup

Cup of Lotta Latte coffee

Lotta Latte is a popular coffee shop chain. The only one known is the one in Whitechapel.


In The Brewed, Mr. Hicks buys coffee for the teachers to celebrate 100 days left until summer. Unfortunately, instead of getting their normal spring water
Jug of water for Lotta Latte

The spring water they never received

, Lotta Latte gets Liquid Chicken Debrainer meant for McFinger's, which causes everyone who drank the batch (including the school's staff and the other patrons) to turn into zombies. Thanks to Sarah, Benny and Ethan, everyone was turned back to normal but the trio was not credited for their work. Later, Sarah, using super speed, knocks the coffee from the hands of her former crush and a local news reporter.

For more Information see The Brewed.

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