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S2e2 say you'll be maztak - mayan queen
Full Name

Queen Lucia



Date of Birth


Eye Color


Hair Color


First Episode

"Say You'll Be Maztak"

Last Episode

"Say You'll Be Maztak"

Portrayed By

Shiva Negar

Lucia is a Mayan sky queen who appeared in the episode "Say You'll Be Maztak".

In the episode, she was summoned when Mr. G was digging up roots and watering plants at Whitechapel High, happening to stumble upon her long-buried crystal skull. Mr.G then takes the crystal to his office when Lucia appears and poses as the substitute teacher, which looked much to the displeasure of Sarah and Erica, but a dream come true for Benny, Rory, and Ethan. Using her godly powers, she put all the males of the school under a spell, making them completely loyal to her, and sent them out to make a special alter and find the right ingredients needed for the ritual to summon her love, the Sun King.

Following some research with the help of Benny's Grandma, Sarah, Erica, and Jane learned that once Lucia and the Sun King were together, but the Moon Goddess came in between them, and the sun had left. They then realized that Lucia had currently been attempting to bring the sun very close to earth, in which so she and her love could forever be together, despite how this event would bring an end to the world. 

In continuing the plot of her incantation, Lucia selected Rory for the sacrifice until having him replaced, having learned of his vampirism and thus making him impure. She quickly put Ethan in his place upon the alter, When the crystal skull attempting them they sew fire and love of light with the heart. The new girl inside of the crystal skull will appeared, she's an Valentine goddess to the sun. She's wearing her heart shape necklace when she's laying down on the alter. The sun king's followers crystal skull towards to the sun when they first touched her. The ray of light to shine on the heart beaming to the sun brighter really hot to let the sun king out be together with Luica to bring an end to the world. She told the boys that she's the real chosen one.

Lucia knows Ally Valentine she used be friends with her long time ago when she was 16 in middle school together way before she's a sky queen. She didn't trust her own best friend that's because she put her in the Valentine heart and she kept it around her neck. When Lucia went to sleep Benny, Ethan and Rory took off the Valentine necklace they had it in the school halls and broke the spell to bring out the valentine princess. When she's out from the valentine heart she thanks them. She went off to spread her valentine spell to the boys falling in love with her not even her best friend either! When Mr. G sew her in the school halls he told Lucia and her followers to bring her to them to let the sun king out from the sun .

Sara and Erica have the moon stones and the valentine glass heart to be broke the spell forever to start it all over they wanted they friends back to them.


- Lucia, derives from the Latin lux, which means "light". This makes sense considering as Lucia's main goal is to "return the world to endless light" by summoning her love, The Sun King. Ally, the blue star princess means "love"!

- Lucia is a Mayan sky queen, yet she possesses powers very similar to the sun and fire and her best friend, Ally is a Valentine princess, from a blue valentine star, yet she wanted to be in love to the blue fire and love.

- She is supposedly not a Goddess, but a type of royal Queen. As to what type of monarch she is, or what royalty she is from, remains unclear. It is possible she is from an unknown, ancient species. Some speculate that she may be a type of Witch Queen, though this remains unconfirmed. The blue star princess is not a royal queen either because she's good witch of night.

- She is the only villain not directly stated as to what type of creature, monster or magical entity she is. Lucia's best friend always nice to everyone from the boys Only.

- It is rumored that if there is a Season 3, Lucia may return, as posted by Vanessa Morgan on Twitter.

S2e2 say you'll be maztak - rory

A spell being cast on Rory by Lucia.

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