A mummy (Hottie Ho-Tep)


Hottie Ho-Tep in his human body

A mummy is a cursed undead creature form ancient Eygpt. In Eygpt many milenia ago, people were mummified after they died.

Hottie Ho-Tep Edit

Ethan, Sarah, Benny, and Rory are on a field trip to a museum, in the Eygptian Exibit. They are learning about Hottie Ho-Tep an Eygptian Prince who was executed at the age of 18 when he refused to marry a pharoh's daughter because, he wasn't in love with her. After the class leaves the exhibit Benny steals the mummy's pancreas (he used all his Grandma's to give himself a beard) much to the groups protest, this act wakes the mummy up. The mummy follows group back to Benny's house and they lock it in the closet, hoping to get it back to the museum later. Later however, Benny finds the has gone missing and eaten the stolen pancreas which has the power to restore a mummy's human body, It shows up at the school (now as the regenerated Hottie Ho-Tep) and charms Sarah into having lunch with him much too Ethan's dismay. Meanwhile, back at the museum The Eternal Guards of the Pharoh are released and begin their search for Hottie they eventually find him at Ethan's house (Sarah brought him to assist with the babysitting) but he sends them back to their tombs with the Crop of Osiris. He goes on to that, he has angered the gods by staying on Earth and that he must depart this world for the next. He wishes to see Sarah one last time so they can "seal their fate in the stars" Sarah accepts though Ethan grows worried. It turns out that Hottie wants to take Sarah to the underworld with him by offering her his sacred tea which, will force her through a portal to the underworld. Ethan and get to the museum in time to warn her but, Hottie will not be deafeted and tries to force her through the portal. Ethan remembers that a mummy's spirit (or caw) is conected to their body, he starts to shake the jar that one once contained his pancreas which causes him pain. He lose his concentration on Sarah and exclaims "you're breaking my heart" he is then pushed through the door to the underworld by Sarah.

Known MummiesEdit

Hottie Ho-Tep

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