My Babysister's a Vampire: The Complete First Season
Season 1 DVD


May 22, 2012

The First Season was released on May 22, 2012. It Features all Season 1 Episodes & The Movie

Main Cast Of Season 1Edit

Recurring Cast MembersEdit

List Of Guest Stars In Order Of Appearence In Each EpisodeEdit

  • Leah Cudmore as Stephanie ..... Three Cheers For Evil
  • Susan Robertson as Old Stephanie ..... Three Cheers For Evil
  • Kristin Adams as Annie ..... Blood Drive
  • Amy Lalonde as Older Nurse ..... Blood Drive
  • Georgina Reilly as Debby Dazzle ..... Guys & Dolls
  • Kiana Madeira as Hannah ..... Double Negative/ Jilly Putty
  • Kiana Madeira as Evil Hannah ..... Double Negative/ Jilly Putty
  • Ryan Blakely as Mr. G ..... Double Negative/ ReVamped
  • Clé Bennett as Coach Ed ..... Friday Night Frights
  • William Greenblatt as Kurt Lochner ..... Friday Night Frights
  • Kaitlin Howell as Rachel ..... Smells Like Trouble
  • Megan Hutchings as Brie ..... Smells Like Trouble
  • Stephan James as Jock ..... Smells Like Trouble
  • Laura Ma as Jen ..... Smells Like Trouble/ Blue Moon
  • Amanda Parsons as Teacher ..... Smells Like Trouble
  • Gabriel Antonacci as Nick Astley ..... Die Pod
  • Clara Pasieka as iPod Girl ..... Die Pod
  • Jake Epstein as David Stachowski ..... Blue Moon
  • Katherine East as Coach ..... Blue Moon
  • Thomas Mitchell as Doug Falconhawk ..... Doug The Vampire Hunter
  • Albert Howell as Mr. Toffey ..... The Brewed
  • Mike Kiss as McFingers Employee ..... The Brewed
  • Tommie-Amber Pirie as Clerk Girl ..... The Brewed
  • Chris Locke as Delivery Guy ..... The Brewed
  • Scott McCullogh as Mr. Collingwood ..... The Brewed
  • Paul Wainwright as Reporter Guy ..... The Brewed
  • Rhys Ward as Boy ..... The Brewed
  • Grant Boyle as Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Rebecca Dalton as Della ..... ReVamped/ Lawn Of The Dead
  • Joe Dinicol as Jesse ..... The Movie/ReVamped/ Three Geeks & A Demon (cameo)
My Babysitter's a Vampire the Series Trailer01:01

My Babysitter's a Vampire the Series Trailer

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