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 Rarah is the friendship pairing of Rory and Sarah. Although Sarah and Rory don't interact a lot in the show they are still good friends. Sarah, in the movie, didn't want to bite Rory. (Hint that she didn't want to become a full vampire and turn Rory in a fledgling against his will.) She cares a little for him. Rory is almost like Sarah, but he drinks the blood from animals and sometimes drinks human blood. (Nothing like Erica who drinks human
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blood all of the time in the movie and series.)

This pairing will most likely not happen because of Ethan's huge crush on Sarah and Rory's somewhat crush on Erica, and trying to have himself a rep as a "Ladies Man".

This ship currently rivals. Etharah, Rorica, Jarah, Rothan, Sarica, Ronny, Sottie, and Dory

Additional Pairing Names

  • Rarah (Rory/Sarah)
  • Sory (Sarah/Rory)

Rarah Moments: Jockenstein

  • Sarah tells Rory that she isn't trying out any more of his flying tips.
  • Rory and Sarah walk through the cemetary together.
  • Sarah yells at Rory for eating a bird.
  • Rory wraps his arm around Sarah as they walk together.
  • Rory and Sarah go to find Erica together.