General Information
Started Friendship Before My Babysitter's a Vampire The Movie
Friendship Status Best Friends (Some what Best friends)
Ronny (Rory and Benny) is the friendship pairing between Benny Weir and Rory. They have been together through everything, along with Ethan and are currently survivng Whitechapel High and all it's hidden secrets and their secret ablities as well. Can also be known as Renny (R/ory and B/enny)

This ships currently rivals Benthan, Rothan, Rorica, Rarah, Benarah, Bella, Dory, Besse, and Bennica.

My Babysitter's a Vampire the Movie Edit

  • Benny and Ethan try to save Rory from the vampire party.
  • Benny and Ethan both find Rory annoying.

Welcome Back DuskerEdit

  • Benny tells Rory about Black Magic.

Say You'll Be Maztak Edit

  • Benny rubs oil on Rory's shoulders for Ms. Lucia.
  • They fight over the hotdogs

Fanged and Furious Edit

  • Benny helps Rory run from the car


  • Benny lets Rory wrestle the gator in the hall


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