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Ross Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: Late 30s
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: 17 Orchard Park Whitechapel, Ontario Canada
Friends and Family
Samantha Morgan
Ethan Morgan

Jane Morgan

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)
Portrayed by:
Ari Cohen

Ross Morgan is the father of Ethan and Jane Morgan and the husband of Samantha Morgan. Like his wife, he seems to not pay much attention to the house's problems. On some occasions he's curious or concerned, but is relatively calm about most of the odd happenings around town. Mr. Morgan sells insurance, something clearly necessary in Whitechapel, and is involved in many Friday night activities with his wife which causes Sarah to babysit. It is unknown if he possesses supernatural abilities like his son Ethan.


His name is the exact reverse of Morgan Ross, the father on the Disney Channel show Jessie

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