General Information
Intimacy Level Good friends; Childhood friends
Started Friendship Unknown
Friendship Status Good friends
Rothan is the pairing of Rory and Ethan. (Rory and Ethan) They are best friends. In the movie when
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Rory is at the vampire party, Ethan wants to save Rory because he is their friend as Benny doesn't want to so much 'cause he didn't want to crash a vampire dinner party. Also in Part 1 of The Date To End All Dates Ethan was practicing his date with Rory as Sarah and after Ethan left Rory looked like he was in love.

This ships currently rivals Rarah, Jethan, Rorica, Etharah, Ethica, Ronny, Benthan, and Ethnah,

Additional Pairing Names

  • Rthan (Rory and Ethan)
  • Etory (Ethan and Rory)
  • Rorthan (Rory and Ethan)
  • Roran  (Rory and Ethan)
  • Ethrory (Ethan and Rory)