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Sarah and Erica

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Beginning of high school

Sarica (Sarah and Erica) is the pairing of Sarah and Erica. They are best friends in the series and movie, and they both love Dusk.

This ship rivals, Bennica, Jarah, Etharah, Rorica, Gorica, Barah, Jerica, Rarah, and Erik.


Sarah tends to keep Erica from being too evil by not letting her snack on students or teachers. At the same time, Sarah has become more like Erica after becoming a full-vampire. Throughout the first season, Sarah was constantly looking out for Erica, making sure she wasn't killing so many people for their blood. Erica, on the other hand, kept trying to convince Sarah to "come over to the hot side" and become a real vampire with her.


Sarah is constantly standing Erica up to deal with supernatural occurrences or babysitting jobs with Ethan and Benny. Despite this, Erica seems to forgive Sarah and help her out when she needs her. While Sarah describes Erica as being self-absorbed, she states that she has never lets her down once when she's asked for her help.

Additional Pairing Names

  • Eriah
  • Serica
  • Sarica
  • Erara

Sarica Moments.

My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)

  • Erica leaves her laptop to talk to Sarah.
  • Sarah worries over Erica and tries to protect her from being bitten by Jesse's vampire gang, although she fails.
  • Neither Sarah nor Erica wanted to fight each other.
  • They were both in charge of the Dusk advanced screening.

Three Cheers for Evil

  • Sarah joins the cheerleading squad to make sure Erica doesn't bite anyone.
  • Erica mentions to Sarah that she knows she's always wanted to be a cheerleader, which hints to how close they really are.
  • After ruining the spell, Erica attempts to try to bite the cheerleaders but stops when she sees Sarah's incredulous face.


  • Erica tells Sarah that they will be best friends forever, now that Sarah is a full vampire.

Season 2

Welcome Back Dusker

  • Erica is glad Sarah is back.
  • Erica seems much happier with Sarah around.
  • Erica has her hand around Sarah shoulder.
  • Erica gives Sarah the letter from the Vampire Council.
  • Erica had her arm lock with Sarah's arm
  • Erica sticks up for Sarah

Say You'll Be Maztak

  • Sarah and Erica team up to the world.
  • Erica listens to Sarah when she tells her Ethan, Benny, and Rory are under a spell and can't fight back.

Fanged and Furious

  • Sarah is the only to know that Erica was up to something with the "Vampire Car" meaning she knows her very well.


  • Erica doesn't tease Sarah for her gas.
  • Erica told everyone to be quiet when they were laughing at Sarah.
  • Erica kept it a secret until the party where she told Ethan, Benny, and Rory. Ethan was the only one who wasn't disgusted (Etharah hint)


  • Sarah helps Erica audition for the play.
  • When posssed, Erica insults Sarah. She was hurt at first, but knew that it wasn't really Erica talking. 

Village of the Darned

  • Sarah and Erica are both hungry and blood hunt at night.
  • Erica only told Sarah that she liked Benny's blood.
  • Sarah looks at Erica several times because she knew her evil little plans.
  • Sarah and Erica help out Ethan and Benny.
  • When Sarah gives Erica a look to put the camera down and help out Ethan and Benny she listens to her and helps out as well.
  • Sarah looks worried when Erica falls on the ground.

Siren Song

  • Sarah and Erica rehearse a dance to enter the talent show together.
  • Sarah stops Erica when she hisses at Vice Principal Stern for not having time to watch their audition.
  • When Erica falls on Serena's trance and goes violent, Sarah struggles restraining her while Ethan fixes the technical difficulties of the soundboard to defeat Serena.