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Saricory (Sarah, Erica, Rory) is the tri-friendship pairing of Rory, Erica, and Sarah. The three are the good vampires-a.k.a. the "vampire coven" in the My Babysitter's a Vampire series. Rory refers to them being "Team V" in Re-Vamped, where he and Erica reassure Sarah that being a full fledged vampire isn't so bad. Erica even added that whenever Sarah needed help, she and Rory will be there for her. It's also possible that the three of them went to the "after party" as Rory had stated before flying away. 


Sarica is the friendship pairing of Sarah and Erica. Sarah was always watching Erica because she was afraid that Erica kills too many people for their blood while Erica always tried to convince Sarah to "come over to the hot side". Despite that they had to fight in the movie, they are still best friends in the series.


Rorica is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rory and Erica. Rory has an open and obvious crush on Erica, the girl who turned him into a vampire, while Erica seemingly doesn't have feelings for him due to him being a geek and unpopular.


Rarah is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rory and SarahRory and Sarah don't interact a lot but are still good friends. Sarah didnt want to bite Rory meaning she cares a little for him. She has never called him a stupid doofus unlike Benny. He is like Sarah, as in being nicer than Erica, and in trying to restrain himself from feasting directly from live people.

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