Shiva Negar
Shiva Negar







Shiva Negar is an actress.She played Lucia in episode Say You'll Be Maztak.


Shiva Negar comes from a very diverse background. Born in Iran and raised in Turkey and Canada, Shiva started her career as a child performer. Musically inclined, she began by performing at piano and guitar recitals and in singing competitions. In high school, Shiva was involved in several school plays and did a lot of theatre, which quickly became her art of choice and decided to take her passion for acting to the next level. She then went to Film school to study acting and has taken several workshops in Toronto and Los Angeles. In between following her passion and her auditions and bookings, Shiva also managed to graduate from York University with a degree in Psychology and finished her Post-graduate program in Events Mgmt & Public Relations. Currently, she is a member of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) and can be seen on T.V, in Videos, Commercials and Short films. Also, as of April 2011, Shiva will be on the big screen as a supporting role in her first Feature film called Lost Journey which will be released in theatres in major cities of Canada, U.S and Europe.

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