Sottie (Sarah/Hottie) is the romantic pairing of Hottie Ho-Tep and Sarah.

This pairing will not happen due to what happened at the end of the episode and Sarah's dating Ethan.

This ship curenntly rivals Barah, Jarah, Etharah, Rarah, and Sarica

Additional Pairing NamesEdit

  • Horah (Hottie/Sarah)
  • Sarottie (Sarah/Hottie)

Sottie MomentsEdit

Sarah and Hottie were about to kiss but Mr. Kitty (Rory's cat) interrupts them

Hottie Ho-TepEdit

Hottie and Sarah meet in the hallway at Whitechapel High. Hottie says that, he has come from the museum to return Sarah's necklace to her, she thanks him and they go to have lunch together. After lunch, Hottie ask Sarah on a date and she accepts.

They are later seen entering Ethan's house to babysit, Eygptian Guards 1 and 2 then burst in to capture Hottie but, he sends them away using the crook of Osiris. He apologizes for what happened and says he must depart Earth for the after life but asks to see one last time to "seal their fate in the stars".

They are last seen together at the museum having their final drink but, as it turns out Hottie wants to take Sarah with him to the Underworld, she rejects the offer by saying "I think we are moving at little to fast" and he seemingly accepts her desicion. Ethan and Benny arrive in time to tell that the tea she is about too drink will take her the Underworld by force, she gets up to leave but Hottie use his staff to try to drag tinto the Underworld, Benny uses knowledge he learned from Rory to cause Hottie pain by shaking the jar that his pancreas used to be in which, causes him great pain. He loses in concentration over Sarah and exclaims that she is "breaking his heart" and she says "I would say see you in the next life but, that not going to happen" she then pushes him into the Underworld through a sarcophagus in the museum.

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