The pentagram formed by the cheerleaders to complete the spell.

This spell was used by Stephanie in the episode Three Cheers for Evil. The spells were concealed as cheers and performed by the Cheerleading Club to take the souls of the pep rally attendees in order to grant Stephanie immortality.

"Our finest hour

No stopping us now

You can't resist our power

"We're the forces of nature

That's what makes a star,

We may look like girls

But that's not all we are.

Give up now 'cause you're gonna be beat,

We're out for power and you're in for defeat.

We join our hands together, see the perfect shape we make,

Our five-point tradition is impossible to break."

"Garno Verto Immortalis," repeated many times.

Fact: Garno Verto Immortalis means find immortal power.