The Eternal Guards of the Pharaoh
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Gender: Males
Age: Milennia
Nationality: Egyptian
Hometown: Egypt
Born: Milennia ago
Professional Information
  Guardians of Hottie Ho-Tep
Friends and Family
Hottie Ho-Tep
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:
Egyptian guard 1: RJ Skinner

Egyptian guard 2: Farid Yazdani

The Eternal Guards of the Pharaoh appeared in the episode Hottie Ho-Tep.


The Eternal Guards of the Pharaoh's jobs are to make sure Hottie Ho-Tep returns to the afterlife (or underworld) with his true love. They were summoned when they realized that "Hottie" wanted to stay in the real world with Sarah but when they showed up at Ethan's house they said that he must go into the afterlife with Sarah. Sarah refused and ended up pushing him into the underworld anyway. At the end, where the guards are run over by “falling stars” (aka an oncoming truck).

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