The Scare Finder is a television show hosted by Doug Falconhawk, a paranormal investigator. Doug logs his efforts to track supernatural activity on the show. The show was taken off the air due to a lack of viewers. After Ethan and Benny's prank to save Sarah from Doug's prying, Doug officially dropped the show, declaring himself ruined, and started a new show which seemed to be of the same quality: The Prank Blaster.

scarefinder rules

rule 1 - Scares dont find themseleves

rule 2

rule 3

rule 4

rule 5

rule 6- Where bodies lay Scares will play

rule 7

rule 8 - Don't be afraid of Scares

rule 9

rule 10-nothing can do anything without a head

rule 11 (last rule revealed before resignation)-some scares aren't worth finding

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