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What Ethan sees...

Hi guys,

So we just watched the epic season finale of My Babysitter's A Vampire on Disney Channel, which aired October,5, 2012. The plot of the finale was that Ethan, Benny, Sarah, Rory, and Erica had to stopped evil vice-principal Stern after he stole the lucifractor and the found out he was a evil seer and/or spellmaster. But, there was a conflict. Stern used a transformation ring to transform himself as Benny, tricking Ethan, then casting a spell on him through a enchanted letter to make everyone he looked at a ghoul or dead creature.Which happened to be one of his worst fears.

Later he was cured, but unfortunatley Grandma Weir touched the enchanted letter and was parralized by it. Also, Erica and Rory were under a hynotic trance to agree on leaving the three behind forcing them under their will and going with Anastasia head member of The Vampire Council.



Later, Benny, Sarah, Ethan, and now Jessie returned to fight against vice-principal Stern. But it was too late, he had absorbed all the power out of the lucifractor and was now taking over.


He now was the most invincable person practically on the planet and all they could do was flee and so they did.

Then at the end Anastasia, Rory, and Erica made their way out of Whitechaple, and then there was a massive explosion that matched the color of the lusifractor perfectly and then the flew off and the show ended.

My.Babysitter s.A.Vampire.S02E13.The.Date.To.End.All.Dates.Part.2.720p.HDTV.h264-OOO.mkv 001297588

The massive explosion all over Whitechaple...

That was the end of it, which makes me very confused and sad. They just ran off, Stern was absorbing all the power and there was a HUGE explosion! I don't understand what happened but hopefully there will be a season three to explain what happened and if the show did endafter only it's second season then they must have died in the explosion. So please Jesus, let their be a season three! See you soon HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
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Stay strong people only one year to go...

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