September 10, 2011 by BENNYISHOT123

    I know what your thinking i'm crazy about Atticus Mitchel (Benny Weir) but thats not all i'm stalking him (no im not) he's sooooosoooosooo cute who wouldn't want to!!!!!!!! He's like a rock god ,i know he's from canada toronto. And why is he so hot why couldn't god make him hotter? Thats my question . OO and i know his middle name is Dean so cute . Well now lets talk about me, I'm awesome , I'm hispanic , I like hip hop ,rap ,country you name it . I also like snowboarding and swimming , i love school , oh and i like vampires and werewolves stuff like that. theres a lot of crazy things about me... That i would rather not say..... OHHHHH AND I LIKE CHEESE !!!!!!!!!!! ( i do like cheese just not that crazy about it ) Ummmm..... I like fred , …

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