That is a rather bland title, isn't it? Well, I'm writing this to the editors and visitors on this wiki. I've been on here and pretty active for a few days now, I'm thinking about a week, but I have noticed some things.

I'd like to bring your attention to the Pairings pages. These are great ways to describe the relationships between characters, as they are an important part of any show. However, ours seem rather amateurish, in my opinion. I'm hesitant to edit them, as I don't want to insult any shippers, but I think they need a major reworking. I like visiting the Phineas and Ferb wiki, which I believe does an exellent job of describing relationships. They don't use the fan names like Bennica or Etharah, but a straightforward "Isabella and Phineas's Relationship," because that allows for a wider interpretation and keeps to facts. A lot of the "moments" on those pages are really read-into or speculated, which is fine for thinking of while watching the show on your own, but not for an encyclopedia. I don't mean to offend, I'm only pointing out. Also, the fan art and videos on those pages, like collages, don't really belong here. They're great if you like making that sort of thing, but this is a factual wiki, which relies on information from the show to inform visitors, not to show off collections.

Now I should stop blabbering on and suggest ways to fix this, or I'll just be a terrible complainer, and nobody likes them. Perhaps Pairings pages could be locked to Admins rather than registered users for a time and have some work done. I'd be happy to help or even do a bulk of the work if I knew I wouldn't have an angry shipping mob on my Talk Page or start a shipping war, which I really don't want to do. Perhaps we could rename the pages to allow for a more professional feel and not use fan names, unless they are specifically used in the show. For example, at this point in the show, I really don't think there's any romantic Benthan relationship. That is speculation. We've only been given information to prove that they are friends, and saying otherwise would be reading into what we already have.

Please consider what I've said and please do comment if you have an opinion. Or don't have an opinion. Just please don't bite my head off.

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