The truth is: Vice Principal Stern is NOT the Cloaked Man. I have proof: first, watch the promo of DTEAD Part 2. Second, if Vice Principal Stern were chasing them then he could have gone back to the real dimension, but he was probably trapped in that dimension until he found something of Jesse's and Jesse brought him back to the normal dimension- if it were him, he wouldn't appear in the next episode and the Vampire Council would have called in Ethan earlier.

Ok, so I was wrong. But couldn't Vice Principal Stern just transport back to the normal dimension (because in Independance Daze, he didn't go back but he WAS the cloaked figure) and then keep throwing fireballs?

Oh wait. It would look weird if the Vice Principal threw fireballs at them while everyone stares at them and figures out Ethan is a seer, Benny is a spellmaster, and Sarah were a vampire. But still, he could've done it!

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