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    Cato rocks!i tried to escape the grip of the vampires, but i couldn't. i hissed at them, my fangs showing and my glowing yellow8:33SergeiBorokov1The vampires closed in further, their grips tightening. "Going somewhere, little one?", asked a vampire with dark skin and a somewhat crooked-looking chin. He was sided next to a fat, pale vampire in a black hat. (The same two vampires that tried to bring Sarah to the Vampire Council in "Welcome Back Dusker")8:34Cato rocks!i continued to hiss at them. trying to buy me some time to escape8:36SergeiBorokov1"You weren't even SUPPOSED to be one of us!", shouted the vampire with the mowhawk, his fingernails becoming sharp and digging painfully into your left shoulder.8:37Cato rocks!"Well if Erica didn'…

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  • Cato rocks!


    July 24, 2012 by Cato rocks!

    anyone got any good quotes from MBAV?


    I'm warning you I had garlic bread for lunch and I'm not afraid to use my breath! - Benny

    Help! my babysitter's a vampire!!!- Ethan

    We're dead! We're so dead!

    Speak for yourslef! Speedy guy coming through!!!- Ethan and Benny

    Whatever you saw it's not what it looks like!

    Your a freaking vampire who kills animals and drinks there blood!

    Okay so it's kind of what it looks like... -Sarah and Ethan

    You can't kill these kids I'm babysitting them!

    Well I'm sorry but- wait! You still need a babysitter?

    No he, he needs a babysitter! - Sarah, Jesse and Benny

    Lawn of the dead

    If Harry Potter were here he'd smack you around! - Ethan

    Rory, I don't care how undead you are. You do that again. I. Kill. You.

    To kill vampire ni…

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  • Cato rocks!

    Rory's keep calm and don't get bit T-shirt is so cool!

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