anyone got any good quotes from MBAV?


I'm warning you I had garlic bread for lunch and I'm not afraid to use my breath! - Benny

Help! my babysitter's a vampire!!!- Ethan

We're dead! We're so dead!

Speak for yourslef! Speedy guy coming through!!!- Ethan and Benny

Whatever you saw it's not what it looks like!

Your a freaking vampire who kills animals and drinks there blood!

Okay so it's kind of what it looks like... -Sarah and Ethan

You can't kill these kids I'm babysitting them!

Well I'm sorry but- wait! You still need a babysitter?

No he, he needs a babysitter! - Sarah, Jesse and Benny

Lawn of the dead

If Harry Potter were here he'd smack you around! - Ethan

Rory, I don't care how undead you are. You do that again. I. Kill. You.

To kill vampire ninja one must first find vampire ninja! - Benny and Rory

3 cheers for evil

blood drive

You got it hot stuff!

Don't call me that!

Good idea. Switching to alternative code names sweetcheeks.

Ugh! - Rory and Erica

Double negative

Friday night frights

Guys and Dolls

I'm Debby Dazzle. What's you name?

Rory or Rorster, R money, R dawg, Rorinator, Rormaster. Or Batman! - Debbie Dazzle and Rory

Blue moon

Die Pod

Doug the vampire hunter

The brewed

3 geeks and a demon


Welcome back Dusker

Anti-vampire mist anyone? Benny

Vampire awkward- Benny

Say you'll be Maztak

Hottest sub ever!- Benny, Ethan and Rory

Fanged and Furious

Richard Bruner, grandson of Manfred Bruner

No fair! I was gonna say that!- Ethan and Benny


I am so clean, do you know what I mean? My friends are kinda freaky, that doesn't bother me!- Ethan

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