Matthew Knight


Hey guys, Gary here, I'm writing a review on the MBAV characters. First up is Ethan.

His Personality

Personally, I think I'd be friends with Benny and Ethan if I were in the MBAV universe. I like Star Wars and I like Harry Potter, and I would LOVE to be friends with a vampire. But anyway, Ethan is a "geek", which some girls make fun of, and I agree that he's a geek, but he shouldn't be made fun of. He seems like a nice kid but can over react sometimes.

His Relationships


Ethan and Benny are best friends. Both friends with a vampire (or three), there relationship seems tough to break up.


Sarah is Jane, Ethan's sister, her babysitter, aswell as his crush. They seem like good friends, and it's possible that Sarah likes him. Sarah even saved him from becoming a fledgling vampire.


This one is going to be short. Erica was going to be Jane's babysitter but went to a party instead. The only time they really interacted was when she thought he was Dave Sikousti or whatever his last name is.


Rory and Ethan seem friendly. They both like Marvel (See Blood Drive) and are geeks, but Rory is a vampire and helps Ethan and Benny out.


Jesse obviously dislikes Ethan, and Ethan hates him right back. Jesse doesn't even know his name, but he bit Ethan (although Sarah saved him), making him turn into a fledgling vampires (and again, Sarah saved him).


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