Warning this is a fan fic.Read if you want

A new girl arrives in town. Erica was the first of our beloved gang to notice her because when she was in the restroom the girls reflection was shineing. Later Ethan realized that her face is symetrical, pe

Faery flag21

fairy flag

rfectly symetrical, which is imposlible. Sarah exidentaly run into her and they both tried to apologize but they just started to his at one another. And Sarah could bet on it that her eyes turned totaly black. Benny started to spy on her to find out more about her. In every class she sits next to the open window and even though those places were taken she just smiled at those persons and they moved. In chemistry she put her hand in mud and a violet rose with black leafs grow in seconds. Then she dropped some liquid thing on it and the rose opened completly and the class was ful of an chocolate aroma. Plus the teacher didn` wonder how that was possible! So benny and Ethan try to find something about her in the school administrative room, but there was only some wierd symbol under the name Cassidy Anee von Bloom. Yes with two "e" in Anee. At Bennys house they find out that that simbol means fae. A type of fairy. Looking in some old books in bennys grandmothers room showed them that Cassidy is a fae. Benny finds a book of fae and by saying Cassidy Anee the book opened on her picture and an old inscription in the language of fae. The only thing they could reed was "WANTED" under Cassidys picture. 

I`ll continue some other time

here you have the symbol which the guys found

I got this picture from this links page:

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