Warning this is a fan fic. Read if you want

So the guys are creped out that she is wanted. Benny has this theory that the wizard council is after her because of something. Ethan ask: A wizard council? Benny tels him that his grandmother told him about its existence and that they keep the balance betwen the humans and magical creatures. And the faes a known by they hatred towards humans. The guys call Sarah and Erica and show them what they found out about Cassidy. Sarah is afraid that Cassidy might do something bad so they all agre that they must destroy her. Benny isn't countrabul with that solution but he searches for a speel to help them in his spellbook while Ethan makes a plan that the girls go find her and bring her to Bennys house. Erica pickes up her sence and they rush out into the night. They found her wandering the streets. Cassidy notices them twoo and asks coukd they give her directions to an adress. The adress is where Bennys house is. They tell her that they would be ohnerd to help her and grab the freaked out girl and bring her to Bennys house. There she is pushed into the living room into a circile of white stones. Ethan gives them melted metal bombs, which Benny made with magic, and they throw them at her while Benny casts a spell. Cassidy screames because her skin started burning. Luckily for her Evelyn showed up and stoped them. She says that Cassidy is the granddaughter of her old friend Cassandra von Bloom the first. And that Cassidy is staying with her because some faes want to kill her to get rid of Allina, Cassidys aunt, the faes of magic representative in the fae council.

Want to know more? Wait until some other time ;3

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