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    [Ext. Whitechapel High. Cut to the hallway where Ethan is at his locker putting books into his bag when Sarah walks up to him]

    Sarah: Hey Ethan.

    Ethan: Hey Sarah. Happy Birthday.

    Sarah: Please don't mention it.

    Ethan: What's wrong? You should be happy on your birthday.

    Sarah: I know. I should! But I'm a vampire. And vampires can't enjoy birthdays like mortals can.

    Ethan: Why not? I enjoy my birthday.

    Sarah: Yeah, because your not gonna be seventeen for every single birthday you have forever!

    Ethan: Wow.

    Sarah: I'm sorry, I'm just upset.

    Ethan: Yeah, I can tell.

    Sarah: Thanks.

    Ethan: So, do you want anything special for your bithday?

    Sarah: No, I'm good. Why would I want something special for a holiday that I hate?

    Ethan: Right.

    [Benny comes with a big bo…

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