[Ext. Whitechapel High. Cut to the hallway where Ethan is at his locker putting books into his bag when Sarah walks up to him]

Sarah: Hey Ethan.

Ethan: Hey Sarah. Happy Birthday.

Sarah: Please don't mention it.

Ethan: What's wrong? You should be happy on your birthday.

Sarah: I know. I should! But I'm a vampire. And vampires can't enjoy birthdays like mortals can.

Ethan: Why not? I enjoy my birthday.

Sarah: Yeah, because your not gonna be seventeen for every single birthday you have forever!

Ethan: Wow.

Sarah: I'm sorry, I'm just upset.

Ethan: Yeah, I can tell.

Sarah: Thanks.

Ethan: So, do you want anything special for your bithday?

Sarah: No, I'm good. Why would I want something special for a holiday that I hate?

Ethan: Right.

[Benny comes with a big box]

Benny: Hey Sarah. Happy birthday.

Sarah: Aw, Benny you shouldn't have.

Ethan: Yeah, you shouldn't have. Really, you shouldn't have.

Benny: It's okay to be nice to people once and a while.

[Sarah opens the box to find a beagle puppy inside. She picks it up]

Sarah: Aw! Benny, he's so cute.

Benny: Yeah. She is.

Ethan: A puppy?

Benny: Everybody loves beagle puppies.

[Theme song. Ext. Ethan's house. Cut to Ethan's room. Ethan's phone rings, he presses ignore when he realizes it was Benny. Then his computer beeps and he presses ignore when he realizes it was Benny. Benny knocks on Ethan's door. Ethan opens his door]

Benny: I-

[Ethan closes the door in Benny's face. Benny walks in]

Benny: Why are you ignoring me E?

Ethan: Because, I specifically asked Sarah what she wanted for her birthday and she said 'nothing.' And I wasn't gonna get her something so she wouldn't think I was being rude. And then you come with your puppyfied box and she instantly loves you! I need to top your gift!

Benny: Dude, why not get her a dog?

Ethan: No, I am not getting her the same gift! I am getting her a better one! Flowers!

Benny: Flowers? Your gonna top my gift with flowers?

Ethan: Not just any flowers. [Reaches behind Benny's ear and pulls back his hand] These flowers. What?

Benny: Dude, I'm the only magical one.

[Benny reaches behind Ethan's ear and pulls back his hand with fake flowers in it. He throws them away]

Note: Not finished but you may read and comment =)

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