Hey guys! I decided to make a story about werewolves and vampires. Here's a snipet of my story so far:

How to tell your best friend your a werewolf:

Chapter 1:

"What?" said Sam, my best friend since third grade. She flopped onto my bed wide eyed. "I just can't believe you never told me!"

"Telling you" I said,"was probably the most dangerous part of it."

Sam rolled her eyes. "I mean, I knew there was something weird about you......."

She scrunched up her eyes in concentration. I laughed with me hands on my hips. Leave it up to her to make me feel worse about myself. Then, in realization sam said, "Wait, when did this happen?"

"Well", I said, "Im in the blood line of werewolves. It normally happens around age 10." By then I knew I had said too much. I had to tell her sometime. I just didn't think it would be this soon. Just on cue, a big flash of thunder came and I went under my bed with a whimper. Sam had a quizzicly face on as I looked at her upisde down from under the bed. "What's wrong?" she said.

"The werewolf council." I said in a hushed, whispered and hoarse voice, "Their coming."

Sam's face was not how I had imagined it. Instead her eyes turned yellow and fangs came out of either side of her teeth. I gasped. "Im glad their coming. It's time I had a little talk with the other council." My eyes widened and then scrunched up in frusteration.

"You" I stammered out, "You knew this whole time didn't you, waited for the perfect moment to show me your little fangs."

To my suprise her grin grew even wider. "Oh, you don't know how much your worth do you?"

"Theres been some debate about it" I said, thinking about the arguement I had with my dad two weeks before.

"Well, the vampire council has been looking for you for ages." Sam said in a mocking tone. "They just happen to pick muah"she said pointing to herself,"To do all the dirty work."

"Well" I said, this time a little more confident, my werewolf side getting to me. "I guess you'll never get the job finished.

"WAit......" she stammered out.

Sam didn't have time to finish her sentence as I jumped out from under the bed and flashed out the window.

Kind of a cliff hanger right? Sorry for all the misspells. I was in a rush.

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