I just watched part 1 of Re-Vamped, I just felt like it. :)) Did you know the actor who plays Jesse is 27? I think that's a little old, since he plays a 17 year old vampire. He has been 17 for over 200 years, but he doesn't age so he should look 17. Anyways, not caring about that, haha. I'm caring about Etharah. And I can't wait for more jokes and funny moments. :))

Here's a slideshow with some awesome pictures. :)) I will take some printscreens of the season premiere and post them in a slideshow. Ughh,, I can't wait anymore! Here in Holland it's now 22:29PM, and on 2AM the episode aires, wich is 8PM in America. :))

I don't really know what to put here anymore, so this is gonna be a pretty short one! I'm gonna do one after the episode :)). Did you guys already check out the sneak peek? No? Then no worries, it's not that big of a deal cause it's in the episode, haha. :D

Selena Gomez- More- Full CD Version (lyrics on screen download)03:51

Selena Gomez- More- Full CD Version (lyrics on screen download)

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