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  • I live in Texas, USA
  • I was born on November 16
  • I am a girl
  • RVsFan22

    My Day

    September 22, 2011 by RVsFan22

    So.... I went to school this morning(well, techinically math class, because I don' take all my classes there(private school) only math/algebra) and they were covering something very easy, which was a BIG relief... I nearly died on the last assignment haha. It was Greatest Common Fractor, Prime Factorization of numbers with variables. Very easy to do. This Monday I'll be doing the same thing, only solving for the Least Common Multiple this time lol, which also looks to be very easy. :)

    I've been talking to my friend Valari all day today on the phone(Talking, a.k.a. texting lol) about random stuff... I actually aksed her if she's watch MBV before, and she's like yeah, so I'm like, "what did u think, and be honest, it won't hurt my feelings if…

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  • RVsFan22

    Fun Trivia

    September 20, 2011 by RVsFan22

    Okay, so normally I wouldn't spam stuff, but this site I do quizzes/triva stuff on said I would get bonus points for getting more people to sign up for using this link:

    But, anyways, it's a site where you can play quizzes, do trivia, and if you sign up you can create quizzes and stuff. Just figured I would post that on my blog... I'm not really a spammer, so don't think I do this kind of thing all the time lol

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