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    My first blog post on this wikia. Wish it was a better one but i wanted to get a few other opinions .

    Since the airing of "Hottie Ho-Tep" there has been a lot of Sarah bashing on tumblr and in reviews of the episode.

    My opinions are..

    1. Too many people are assuming Sarah knows that Ethan has a thing for her. We have seen nothing that shows that.

    2. What is this friendzoned stuff? I don’t see it. She just said it’s better to have friends. And not to mention she was just played a fool by another creep the previous day. Why would she be ready for Romance the day after all that drama? Seems pretty realistic to me she wouldn’t want to jump right back into romance.

    3. Also, people saying Sarah FELL deeply for this Ho-Tep guy are wrong via what is ca…

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