The big day is coming up, the big day is coming up! *dances* Tomorrow, people TOMORROW !! My heart has grown two sizes today I think. I want you to know that my first language is not English. That's why nobody has to interrupt me while I'm watching My Babysitter's A Vampire, otherwise I might throw something to your face or something... So yeah, I'm kind of like a vampire when I watch this series. But without the fangs and stuff. Now, I went searching for awesomness on the fanfiction site. And I found this :)) :

NORMAL PEOPLE, Vs. MBAV Fans! Post this if you are a fan!

NORMAL PEOPLE: Think geeks are ugly and weird.

MBAV FANS: Will hang out with every geek around, knowing they could find a geek like Benny, Ethan, or Rory!

NORMAL PEOPLE: Aren't afraid of Vampires.

MBAV FANS: Will scream if they ever saw a person that looks like Jesse.

NORMAL PEOPLE: Love Twilight!

MBAV Fans: Will be afraid to ever go to a Twilight Premiere at The Movies, afraid Jesse and his crew will feast on our blood.

NORMAL PEOPLE: Don't even know what, "Seer" means.

MBAV FANS: Wish they were a "Seer" like Ethan!

NORMAL PEOPLE: Will think of telling an adult if they're having problems.

MBAV FANS: Will think of biting and turning the bully as revenge.

NORMAL PEOPLE: Have no problem if they saw a guy with fake fangs in their mouth

MBAV FANS: Will scream and take out a holy water gun, right before everyone calls you a weirdo.

NORMAL PEOPLE: Don't really need a babysitter.

MBAV FANS: Don't really need a babysitter at their age, but still hire one, hoping they'll find a babysitter like Sarah.

So true! [ I still am a huge Twilight fan, but I'll NEVER go to premieres of Twilight movies. ] You know, I always imagine my babysitter's and I first meeting:

Me: I hope you're just like sarah.

Babysitter: Who's Sarah?

Me: An awesome vampire babysitter who makes an awesome couple with Ethan.

Babysitter: Oh, you're some sort of kid!

Me: I'm not a kid anymore! Anyways, if you don't watch MBAV with me, I will be trying to be a Seer.

Babysitter: What's a Seer?!


Also, I finally found the sneak peek!! Yeah!

My Babysiter's a Vampire - Season 2 (Sneak Peek)01:58

My Babysiter's a Vampire - Season 2 (Sneak Peek)

And this awesome movie trailer Vanessa Morgan tweeted about!


'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Trailer01:59

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Trailer

Now let me go loose on my Etharah madness I've been holding inside me this whole blog post... ETHARAH NEEDS TO HAPPEN OTHERWISE I'LL... I'LL... TORTURE MY TOSTI'S!!!

Vanessa Morgan ‏@VanessaMorgan

I NEED to see this

Anyways, I figured I love My Babysitter's A Vampire MORE then Ross's hotness and amazing voice. I love the show more then Avril Lavigne, I even love it more then my childhood series iCarly. [ That's a pretty heavy stating ] Also, I'm not typing like on of those dictators. I can go loose whenever I want to... SHE'S THE GIRL NEXT DOOOOOOR.... :)) Also, please comment about my English. I didn't use a translator in this blog because I want to be the TRUE me.. :))) Tomorrow a final throw out about the Season 2 premiere and some awesome songs and music videos! Be sure to read tomorrow's blog!!

PS: SOME CLOTHES ARRIVED!! Sadly my DVD didn't arrive yet :((

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