Bennica is my 2nd favorite pair of the season but there has been not a lot of bennica moments in the season 2 (and 1) This paring has to happen it is a good paring and all im just concered that there should be more moments. I was happy to see in village of the darned that erica liked benny blood where sarah hated it. i was a little concered to ( read more about it here ) . I Honestly think the writers should throw some more bennica into the show. Also i would like to see why doesn't Erica having feelings for Benny. I mean yeah i know that in the My Babysitter's a Vampire (film) she was a geek and now she is this powerful, immortal, hot popular girl she has always wanted to be, now she doesn't want to go back to that. She is embarrassed to even be talking with them but that the reasoon i think erica dosnet want to go out with beeny. Post your comments below

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