Independence Daze

i know i Shouldnt say this (Since the season 2 isnt over yet ) but so far in season 2 this is my favorite episode. This episode showed what each feared and how they all came together to defeat their fears. I ecspically liked the part when they made front of Ethan visions. Spoiler alert He'll cook me. Ha! but what i liked most about this episode is at the end how they all came together at the end (You rarely see that) how Rory and Erica pulled Ethan, Sarah, and Benny into the real world . . I particularly enjoyed that they poked fun at Ethan’s special ability (his visions and the fact that he needs to touch someone/something to get them), as his powers are the least impressive of the group. But I liked that his touch is actually what helped get them back together.


Siren Song

I actually enjoyed this episode how Ethan Benny and Rory formed a boy band called musitronics. Ethan has such a nice voice and Rory aka Mc mega bat can do the worm and rap about eating cake. i like how Sarah and Erica danced it was pretty interesting. I kept on laughing and cheering on musictronics.

200px-My Babysitter's a Vampire - Season 2 - Siren Song (S02E09) Promo 1 (3)

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